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Integration of Notifier ID3000 Control panels with Milestone

A fire safety system capable of providing our facilities with the necessary level of protection requires at least two key components.

These are able to, firstly, detect possible signs of fire and react to them accordingly and, secondly, gather images which will provide support and allow us to see and obtain visual evidence of any unexpected incidents which may occur.

Having both a fire safety and a CCTV system is therefore essential when it comes to protecting our facilities. Thanks to the integration of the ID3000 range of Notifier fire control panels with Milestone, developed by SGSE’s R&D department, it is now possible to monitor and control both systems (Fire safety & CCTV) from a single user interface, totally integrated in one software solution.

By using the integration plug-in within the XProtect platform, we can simply and easily incorporate the status monitoring and sensor, module and zone monitoring of our Notifier ID3000 fire control panels. Our simple and effective configuration system only requires the input of the control panel connection details, our integration software designed by SGSE will then take care of collecting the existing configuration data from the Notifier fire control panel.

The plug-in adds the fire safety elements from the ID3000 control panel to the “SmartClient” management interface, permitting interaction with a configured fire control panel(s). This offers us a workspace, accessible from “Notifier panels” at the top. In this workspace we have a user interface where we can check the status of the control panels and perform different actions.

One of the many advantages of this plugin is the language auto detection. Any messages regarding events that appear on the user management interface will be in the same language as the one the control panel is parametrised to.

An example could be that our control panel is set up in French, once we connect to the control panel the working language is recognised and any messages that would be presented to the user would be in the language established in the control panel, in this case it would be français (French).

Equally, the creation of new events and actions integrated with those already existing and forming an integral part of the Milestone environment structure allows us to benefit to the fullest from the potential offered by Milestone through its XProtect platform.

Thanks to the specific events that the plug-in incorporates into Milestone (see following photo), we can integrate any control panel incidents into the XProtect rules and alarms logic. That’s to say we can define any of these fire control panel events (a control panel alarm, silenced alarm, control panel test, etc.).

These rules and alarms form an integral part of XProtect, which allows us to both integrate the monitoring and to manage the fire control panels completely with the Milestone utilities.

Something similar is possible with the actions created by the plug-in. Once the plug-in has been installed, we can define rules in Milestone which carry out specified actions within the fire control panel (enable & disable).

This allows us to, for example, add events defined by the user which trigger a rule whose action to be carried out can be one of the actions added by the plug-in (for example, disabling the panel’s internal buzzer).

The event can be activated from a button on the SmartClient sidebar (which allows us to carry out an action in the ID3000 control panel: silencing the

The plug-in adds features to the SmartClient interface that make it easier to interact with the configured fire control panels. The below figure shows a list of actions which can be carried out in integrated control panels through our plug-in.

What’s more, we can add alarms, loops, modules, zones, manual buttons and panels to Milestone maps, in the same way that cameras are added.

As a result, we can monitor the status of each element from the map through the colour of its icon.

We can also interact with the fire control panel through the context menu of each icon: for example, enabling and disabling a zone and enabling and disabling alarms.

The plug-in also allows for the retrieval of the type of sensor parametrised in the fire control panel, in such a way that an icon will be displayed on the map when an added device corresponds to one already configured. This helps to provide a clearer idea of the fire infrastructure when looking at the map. We can indicate whether the type of sensor linked to each zone is:

• Thermal
• PSU (Power Supply Unit)
• Ionic
• Control Panel
• Alarm buttom
• Zone

The functionalities included in the plug-in are as follows:

• Simultaneous connection with multiple control panels (ID3000, ID3002 & ID3004).
• Ultra simple configuration.
• Automatic import of the relevant panel configuration.
• Tree view of the different control panels and their sensors, modules and zones, displaying the description and status update for each.
• Detailed view of the selected control panel status:
o Control panel technical alarms.
o Loop Status
o Zone Status

• Interactions with the control panel:
      o Panel reset.
      o Mute alarms.
      o Mute internal buzzer.
      o Day mode.
      o Night mode.
• For zones:
      o Enable
      o Disable
      o Disable alarm
      o Enable alarm
• For sensors:
      o Enable
      o Disable
      o Enable test
      o Disable test
• Por alarms:
     o Enable
     o Disable
     o Enable test
     o Disable test.

• For alarm buttons:
      o Enable
      o Disable
      o Enable test
      o Disable test.
• For modules:
      o Enable
      o Disable
      o Enable test
      o Disable test.
• Creation of specific events for integration with XProtect logic:
      o Technical incident event of the control panel.
      o Zone and/or device alarm events.                                                                        o Activation/deactivation of devices events.Disable test.

• Creation of specific events for integration with XProtect logic:
      o Technical incident event of the control panel.
      o Zone and/or device alarm events.                                                                        o Activation/deactivation of devices events.Disable test.

• Creation of specific actions for interaction with XProtect logic:
      o Panel reset.
      o Check selected control panel event log.

• Enable a zone.
• Disable a zone.
• Active a module.
• Deactivate a module.
• Define access permissions for the panel “XProtect user roles”.
• Incorporation of fire safety elements into a single map:
      o The panel itself.
      o Modeles
      o Loops
      o Alarm buttons
      o Zones
      o Sensors
      o Alarms
      o Interaction with fire safety elements through icons added to a map
(context menus).
      o Varied icons across zones.

Demostration of the plugin

In the netx video you can see the plugin working.

Milestone Verified

Confirmation of Compatibility

Partner: SGSE
Partner Product: Notifier Monitor Plugin Version 1.21.0803
Integration Method: MIP SDK
Milestone XProtect® version verified with: 2020 R2
Milestone XProtect® version supported (*): 2019 R3

Date of Verification: 2021-09-24