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The communications infrastructure in vast facilities

In the past, the labour and infrastructure costs to transport the information to the Control Room were the main limitations to facing when designing major perimeter protection solutions.

The deployment of IP networks with a wider variety of more and more cost-effective resources has allowed in recent years completely digital deployments within the electronic security market.

Within the commercial proposal of SGSE, you can find the NODECOM® family of communication nodes, like the TRS-02V shown below.

Milestone, the software platform to manage multiple perimeter protection technologies

Any of the Milestone XProtect software editions allows for integration of multiple perimeter protection technologies to guarantee the protection of our facility.

In recent years, video analytics is the preferred technology for perimeter protection, and all the market-leading video analytics manufacturers are integrated into Milestone.

As an example, you can find in the following technical note our considerations about the existing integration between Flir cameras with video analytics and Milestone as core part of our design.

La totalidad de la información recogida en el perímetro mediante el análisis de imagen será gestionada en el centro de control a través de la plataforma VMS de Milestone. 

The IP module SGSE-XO-MILESTONE to massively collect digital contacts through the IP network in Milestone

No matter the video analytics manufacturer that we choose to work with around Milestone software platform, we have to collect massively all the digital contacts corresponding to each intrusion alarm at the perimeter, in order to connect them to the intrusion panel following the architecture explained above.

SGSE has developed the IP module SGSE-XO-MILESTONE to collect through Milestone up to 16 digital outputs per device.

This device is part of the Milestone ecosystem, as it is fully integrated in it, like the following images show.

Technical specifications of the SGSE-XO-MILESTONE IP module

You can find the technical specifications of the SGSE-XO-MILESTONE module in the following table.

Configuration of temporary changes in the SGSE-XO-MILESTONE outputs

Within the different scenarios and possible configurations in the management of these digital outputs, an important parameter is the temporary activation of the SGSE-XO-MILESTONE outputs after receiving an alarm during a specific period of time.

We can configure this temporary activation for each output from within the Milestone configuration environment, as can be seen in the picture below:

The IP module SGSE-XO-MILESTONE as a modular digital outputs device

One of the main features of the IP module SGSE-XO-MILESTONE is that, despite being a device that provides 16 digital outputs, these can be soft-activated to make the installation grow in time in a cost-contained way.

Thus, we can increase the amount of digital outputs by 4-outputs blocks and have the number of activated outputs that we want or need.

It’s not necessary to undertake the whole investment at the beginning of the deployment.

The table below shows the available digital output blocks, and the license SGSE-SOFT4 to increase by 4 units the amount of activated outputs.

Design your perimeter solutions with SGSE (www.sgse.eu) and collect the digital signals at the control room with the IP module SGSE-XO-MILESTONE around XProtect, the software platform of Milestone.

The verification in Milestone of the SGSE-XO-MILESTONE module

The SGSE XO MILESTONE module has been technically verified by the Milestone certification team to be available on its Marketplace.