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Software Upgrade: SPC Monitor – Version 1.23.1213

Date: 14/12/2023

Discover the latest software upgrade for the SPC Monitor Plugin.

We are excited to launch the latest software innovation for the SPC Monitor Plugin, namely version 1.23.1213.

In our continuous effort to improve our products, we have worked hard to implement what you have told us about your experience of using this software and have created a new version of this plugin.


Version 1.23.1213 is packed with innovative features designed to optimise your workflows, efficiency and productivity. We have listened to your feedback carefully and have incorporated significant improvements that will enable you to carry out your daily tasks more efficiently and productively.

Changes and improvements

New features

Auto-configuration of alarms by zone: this makes the configuration of alarms by each zone much easier with the SPC Monitor Plugin. We have taken the hard work out of completing this task.

When the new upgrade activates all the zones (this will occur automatically), they will be parameterised into alarm zones that are given the name of the zone by default. The naming of the zones can be changed according to your preferences. There is also the option to enable or disable this feature altogether.

The linking of camera(s) to the auto-configuration of alarms by zone system: this add-on revolutionises the experience by enabling you to automatically link one or more cameras to the activated zone when an alarm is set off.

We are proud to unveil the innovative ‘auto-configuration of alarms by zone‘ feature, which makes the process easier and enables you to control your security system more efficiently.

Status details: what if you cannot remember what happened in a particular zone or to a specific intrusion panel? And what if you want to find out which events led to the current status of an element? To meet this need, we have created a new feature that enables you to get an accurate overview of the latest events that have occurred in relation to the selected element by just clicking on the icon associated with the field element (status details).

So, we can monitor the last five events in every zone through its status details.

There is also the option to incorporate a visual alert when selecting the seismic detectors to pre-configure the intrusion panel in financial mode.

New Isolate and Inhibit zone status

As well as two new additional icons.




  • The start-up of the plug-in has been redesigned to facilitate communication with the control panels.
  • The communication process between the intrusion control panel(s) and the plugin has been streamlined.
  • Compatibility across all versions of Milestone XProtect (from XProtect 2019 to XProtect 2023 R3) has been enhanced.

Bug fixes

We have addressed the following issues:

  • Occasional loss of data during start-up leading to a drop in connection with the plugin.

System requirements

Make sure that your system meets the following requirements:

  • Upgrade XProtect to the latest version or to a version compatible with SPC Monitor.


This version is compatible with all versions of Milestone XProtect (from XProtect 2019 to XProtect 2023 R3) and the data saved on your system will not be lost during the software upgrade process.

Software upgrade process

Please follow the steps below to upgrade to version 1.23.1213:

  1. Copy the «License.lic» file located in c:\Program files\Milestone\SPC Monitor to a folder of your choice.
  2. Uninstall the current plugin by going to «Uninstall Programs» and selecting «SPC Monitor».
  3. Install the new plugin and reactivate the licence.

Contact details for technical support team

If you encounter any problems or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our technical support team. We are available via email and phone.

  • Email: sat@sgse.eu
  • Telephone: +34 910564396


We thank you for your continued cooperation and patience. We have taken your valuable feedback on board and have used it to bring you this software upgrade. The creation of version 1.23.1213 is part of our commitment to the continuous improvement of this product so you can have the best possible experience when using it.


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